Kingdom of the Sun

Brightrock Mines

Our heroes began their day waking up in the yawning portal. After some light shopping and receiving a quest to find out what happened to the Brightrock Mines from Aznar, the group is suddenly surrounded by armed guards and escorted to Saven's Keep by Aeron Sigurd to face trial for the destruction of Saltmar.


The heroes are introduced to the their Judges as the 7 guild leaders of Evanholm take their seat to determine the truth of what happened to saltmar.


Aeron argues for our heroes and mentions Greenbeard would not give up his sword so lightly. Markel suggests it would seem odd the heroes entered Evanholm so freely. Marian was not amused with the trial at all. Dorian couldnt even get most of his questions out before getting cut off. Noland was alarmed and showed outrage over the mere mention of pirates. Edwin was the chief prosecuter and even hired a half-elf to stand as witness against the group. Juliana pointed out that Tair couldn't have been a witness as she saw him the last week hustling in the streets.


The guildmasters take a vote and 6-1 vote in favor of our heroes innocence. Freed of their ordeal, the group celebrates their freedom by hitting the town and getting wasted. Malehkos ends up doing pretty well and Cloud on the Mountain top accidently punches a nobleman in the face and spends the night in jail.

The following morning the group sets out on a quest with a desire to loot and smash. 

They find Brightrock hills and the mine easily with the help of Althea's navigation skills. The mine is abondoned and a trap was laid at the door. Near the entrance, the group encounters some marauding gnolls. Further into the mines our heroes do battle with giant spiders and traverse poisonous mushrooms and fall into the pit of a gelatinous cube! After a heroic battle and the cube is defeated and Magic Armor was recovered. 

Further into the mines our group discovers a deep cavern and across a narrow wooden bridge are the miners they were sent to investigate however they mindless and unresponsive.

Torin was able to death grip most of them off of the ledge and our heroes decided to take a rest before traversing the bridge.

The Road to Evanholm
Ep 2

Our heroes found themselves drifting ashore after their climactic battle with captain Greenbeard onboard the Sea Ghost. What they didn't expect was the town of Saltmar was seemingly abandoned and partially set ablaze.

They investigated the remains of the town finding dead bodies and burnt homes as they went. Ultimately their suspicion took root in the Green Sleep and the shady bar owner whose name they never bothered to learn. After investigating the house and finding a magical robe, Torin smashed his way to Charles' secret coffin chamber and discovered that he is in fact a vampire.


After meeting Adrian Glade upstairs our heroes fought and frankly whooped some vampire ass in the bar downstairs against Charles as he attempted to ambush and infect them. After being lit on fire, Charles turned into mist form and escaped.


Adrian suggested to the group they make their escape incase Charles returned. His daughter (Ariana) owns a shop in Evanholm and he can lead the party on the Road. On their travels, Cloud finds Rhonis alone pondering his newfound paladin powers, Adrien tells the about the political machinations of Evanholm and its fabled 7 guilds:


The Acolytes:

Magic Adepts seeking to learn the arcane

The Historians:

Lorekeepers and treasure hunters

The Vyrkul

Mercs for hire serving as the unofficial militia

The Shipwrights:

Merchants and Sailors in the Navy of Evanholm

The Alchemists:

Bankers and Guild Artisans who wish to profit above all else

The Etherian Circle:

Those who respect nature and wish to worship the spirit of the forest.

And The College of Bardem

​​​​​​​Those who love butter beer and the Bards of the 4 noble houses.


After two days of travel, they get to a forest that has been recently cut down for timber. After exploring the now devastated patch of forest they encounter and enraged Owlbear. After a narrow victory, and hearing the legend of Bjorn, the fallen bear god from the Nightvale. The group makes its way into the bustling city of Evanholm.


The city is alive with trade and smells of fish and sea salt. The large stone towers and ruins of old city rise amidst the wooden shanties of the new one. great hills pepper the north bank and the bay is filled with ships of war and trade. 


The group avoids a would be gang conflict from some shady looking half-elves due to the kind offer of Althea and makes their way to the Yawning Portal for some R&R. There they receive two quests the wire but jolly barkeep Durnham: one to investigate the final resting place of Bjorn with a map acquired from a former patron, and two, to investigate a mysterious coin given to him by a strange halfling patron not too long ago, mentioned something about the Brightstar Mines as his occupation.




The Secrets of Saltmar

Our heroes entered Salatmar for various reasons, but after speaking with the local townsfolk and Mayor, they departed for the Chilton Manor on a quest to rid it of its evil.

After discovering an assassin that was sent to kill them, the group made their way down to the cellar of the house.

Here they found that instead of a "haunted" mansion, a group of pirates was running a smuggling operation using their traps and ship to create the illusion of a haunted mansion so that no one would investigate. Even more disturbing was what they were smuggling. Our heroes discovered two other adventures alive in coffins being prepared for shipment. Aeron, a human paladin claiming to be from Evanholm and Petrie, a wood elf rogue of mysterious origins.


Together the group cleared the cellar of pirates and explored a vast connection of caves built into the sea cliff underneath the manor. They then found the harbor of the smugglers and planned a stealth operation to row to the pirate ship off shore and sneak aboard. After an unsuccessful attempt to convince the crew they were also pirates. The group snuck on board and battled Captain Greenbeard and his crew. Malekos and Althea managed to light the ship on fire and many pirates died in the climatic battle. After being hit with a flaming arrow, Greenbeard through himself overboard seemingly to his death.

Our heroes looted what they could before the ship fully set ablaze. Treasure in hand they row towards the shores of saltmar not knowing what lies ahead. Who had sent he assassin and where was the "cargo" Greenbeard headed for? 


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