Kingdom of the Sun

The Secrets of Saltmar

Our heroes entered Salatmar for various reasons, but after speaking with the local townsfolk and Mayor, they departed for the Chilton Manor on a quest to rid it of its evil.

After discovering an assassin that was sent to kill them, the group made their way down to the cellar of the house.

Here they found that instead of a "haunted" mansion, a group of pirates was running a smuggling operation using their traps and ship to create the illusion of a haunted mansion so that no one would investigate. Even more disturbing was what they were smuggling. Our heroes discovered two other adventures alive in coffins being prepared for shipment. Aeron, a human paladin claiming to be from Evanholm and Petrie, a wood elf rogue of mysterious origins.


Together the group cleared the cellar of pirates and explored a vast connection of caves built into the sea cliff underneath the manor. They then found the harbor of the smugglers and planned a stealth operation to row to the pirate ship off shore and sneak aboard. After an unsuccessful attempt to convince the crew they were also pirates. The group snuck on board and battled Captain Greenbeard and his crew. Malekos and Althea managed to light the ship on fire and many pirates died in the climatic battle. After being hit with a flaming arrow, Greenbeard through himself overboard seemingly to his death.

Our heroes looted what they could before the ship fully set ablaze. Treasure in hand they row towards the shores of saltmar not knowing what lies ahead. Who had sent he assassin and where was the "cargo" Greenbeard headed for? 


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