Kingdom of the Sun

Edwin's Business Venture

The party returns to Evanholm after having defeated S’goth. They encounter some issues receiving their reward as they hadnt thought about proving that they completed their quests.

They make their way over to the alchemists guild and Noland gives them a quest to learn m ore about Edwin’s use of pirates for business endeavors. After depositing some gold , they make their way over to the Acolytes temple to attune their items. Juliana is unable to recognize the amulet, but suggests Noland or Markel might be able to.

The group makes their way to inform Dorian of the bad news and Dorian doesn’t take well to the interrogation. Dorian suggest that we need to learn more about what Aedric Longfoot was into and that they should enter the college under the guise of students to look for the college of whispers.

Edwin invites the group over for a dinner party with a rumors of a royal guest. Serra Volsong, of the Kingdom of the Sun. Torin, makes a spectacular diversion allowing the rest of the party to sneak around and look for clues. Porter, Edwin’s Abjurer bodyguard eventually catches Althea in the act, but she manages to escape in an extremely acrobatic fashion. Meanwhile, Malehkos persuades Serra to travel together as they are both headed to Bardem. She briefly mentioned she is on a mission to escort Mallary to a Merrigos. They are to meet at the Vyrkul Citedel at mid-day tomorrow…

Active Quests:
Investigate the Night Vale and Bjorn’s grave using Durnham’s map. See Durnham, Aeron, or Marian for more info.

Find and Rescue Adriana’s brother, Haldar at Stromgrad in the Mist-Vale. See Adriana or Juliana for more info.

Gain entrance into the college of Bardem with Dorian, find the college of whispers, and defeat whatever dark forces were using Aedric Longfoot to recruit Cthulu monsters. Speak to Dorian for more details.

Sail to Magian and Arainian Seas using Edwin’s ship on loan to stop an increasingly powerful pirate queen known only as Asura. Speak to Edwin or any of the shipwrights for more details.



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