Kingdom of the Sun

The River Ivan

Our heroes wake at the yawning portal to the drums of war. Serra’s imperial ships sail south and Evanholm has been called to help blockade Arden with their ships.

Our heroes get some light banking done and Noland seems reluctant to help with identifying the mysterious amulet.

At noon the party heads to the northgate outside the vyrkul citadel, but serra is no where to be found. They seek help from Terra Einhardt who has been left in charge of Evanholm’s military in Aeron’s absence. She is instructing a group of deathstalkers – rangers who worship a death cult rather than nature, and complaining of a missing unit.

After failing to intimidate Terra, the party gives up trying to get information and instead learns of the path to Evanholm from a basic guard. They barter with Podrick at the docks and sail up river.

On the journey they share some details of their past together and learn more of their backstories. About halfway they encounter what looks to be the remains of a battle. They find Serra’s bodygaurd lying dead in the water and a sole surviving deathstalker badly burned. He negotiates his way out of the party and leaves on foot into the forest, but not before having his glass vial with a skull marking pickpocketed by Althea.

The party was generally not very good at negotiating today.

Later they encounter the town of Henhill, the supposed end of their river voyage completely desolate and empty. After fighting two carrion feeder gnolls the party investigates the scene and althea discovers a pair of human foot tracks escaping into the forest.

At the inn the find some potions and boots of elvenkind.



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