Kingdom of the Sun

The Chamber of Secrets

The party entered the tomb to find a long and dark corrider leading deep underground. Finally, light revealed itself and the party was confronted with a large wooden door with ancient inscriptions in Sylvan in fron of a iron grated floor that appeared to be above a deep chasm. The doors knob appeared to almost have a face.

After successfully solving the hysterical door by making him laugh. The group finds themselves in a cozy homeroom. Rhonis uses detect magic to discover a secret chamber used by his former master. In his confusion and search for answers, he finds a journal describing why Arator created the house of whispers and its necessity for “the coming war”. He also finds Artator’s magical bag of holding.

The group soon discovers the halls of whispers and confronts some troggs and bards learning more of the colleges secrets. They find an old dormitory infested with spiders as Malehkos performed some exceptional reconnaissance .

Going deeper into the college of whispers, Althea trips and falls down a flight of stairs and stumbles into some type of laboratory dragging her party members with her as they were attached wit ha rope. There they faced off with tibult and his troggs as well as a mind devorer like the one they faced in the Brightrock Mines.

Earlier, Torin was led down into the deepest part of the college of whispers, The Chamber of Secrets. There he met Virulenth, Lord of Whispers. To prove his loyalty he slayed one of the other potential recruits in cold blood. After learning his trust, Virulenth confided in his plots to take over the college.

After spelunking deeper into the college and tip toeing around a trolls treasure. The party was able to find there way closer to the chamber of secrets. At the entrance, they encountered VIrulenth’s poorly designed security system, a giant chess game and their opponent standing before them, was Torin.

Thanks to cloud’s keen chess skills, virulenth’s home security system was easily thwarted and nothing stood in the party’s way before entering the chamber and final lair.

After a harrowing and grueling multi phase boss encounter, Virulenth was defeated and left his magical trinkets behind. While victory was had, there was still a sense of mystery in the air. What was Virulenth plotting with the vials. And he kept mentioning his master, “Thelros” and how his daughter must succeed.



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