Kingdom of the Sun

Brightrock Mines

Our heroes began their day waking up in the yawning portal. After some light shopping and receiving a quest to find out what happened to the Brightrock Mines from Aznar, the group is suddenly surrounded by armed guards and escorted to Saven's Keep by Aeron Sigurd to face trial for the destruction of Saltmar.


The heroes are introduced to the their Judges as the 7 guild leaders of Evanholm take their seat to determine the truth of what happened to saltmar.


Aeron argues for our heroes and mentions Greenbeard would not give up his sword so lightly. Markel suggests it would seem odd the heroes entered Evanholm so freely. Marian was not amused with the trial at all. Dorian couldnt even get most of his questions out before getting cut off. Noland was alarmed and showed outrage over the mere mention of pirates. Edwin was the chief prosecuter and even hired a half-elf to stand as witness against the group. Juliana pointed out that Tair couldn't have been a witness as she saw him the last week hustling in the streets.


The guildmasters take a vote and 6-1 vote in favor of our heroes innocence. Freed of their ordeal, the group celebrates their freedom by hitting the town and getting wasted. Malehkos ends up doing pretty well and Cloud on the Mountain top accidently punches a nobleman in the face and spends the night in jail.

The following morning the group sets out on a quest with a desire to loot and smash. 

They find Brightrock hills and the mine easily with the help of Althea's navigation skills. The mine is abondoned and a trap was laid at the door. Near the entrance, the group encounters some marauding gnolls. Further into the mines our heroes do battle with giant spiders and traverse poisonous mushrooms and fall into the pit of a gelatinous cube! After a heroic battle and the cube is defeated and Magic Armor was recovered. 

Further into the mines our group discovers a deep cavern and across a narrow wooden bridge are the miners they were sent to investigate however they mindless and unresponsive.

Torin was able to death grip most of them off of the ledge and our heroes decided to take a rest before traversing the bridge.



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