Kingdom of the Sun

The House of Whispers

Our heroes began their day assigned to their specific houses and attempted to gather clues to the nature of the college of whispers.

While in House Valor, Althea met a young Paladin named Rhonis who seemed to also be at the college for reasons other than bardic higher education. Tibult bullied another student while Liam seemed busy filling in for Merigos who seems to have caught a cold.

At House Glamour, cloud was led by the cold and indifferent housmaster Helia to their dorms. As they walked she noticed a large greenhouse like building and a strange shadow moving within it. This piqued her curiosity and later that evening attempted to investigate, as she entered the indoor garden, she was attacked by a large shrambling mound! As she rushed to the exit and slammed the door behind her, she was confronted by Helia waiting for her. Helia escorted her back to the dorms where she was shown Helia’s mirror of truth, as Helia gazed intently into her eyes, cloud witnessed a vision in the mirror; it was Torin walking deeper and deeper undergound with a shadowy figure, then finally spiders. Helia recoiled the mirror and muttered, “very interesting”, before whisping away.

At house herald, Malehkos was keen t oexplore the famed Natural history exhibit, there he met an elderly docent and saw the wonderus displays of some sort of dragon skeletons hes never seen before, large two legged ones with no wings and seemingly small arms; others with large spikes protruding from its back. He left finding the exhibit underwhelming and walked outside to regroup at the library.

Torin meanwhile whilst also resting at house Heraldry received a secret note telling him to meet at the whispering wood at midnight. Before then however he played along with the groups investigation.

Meeting at the library, Rhonis and Althea decided to investigate the the upper floors for clues and learned more about a Dark elf who attempted to create a 5th house in bardem. The house of whispers. Torin sneaked off despite Cloud’s pleas and Rhonis also decided to leave for personal reasons.

Torin met with Tibult and was then led to secret entrance of the college of whispers, but were confronted by a familiar paladin.

Rhonis laid at the foot of Arator’s Rest attempting to make peace with his fallen mentor when he noticed the ground had shifted slightly below the tomb when he was confronted by Torin and then begrudgingly left to return to the dorms. Malehkos watched as the paladin left and then saw Torin and tibult enter the tomb after saying some type of spell or password to enter.

The remaining party members regrouped and deduced that this was the secret entrance to the college of whispers and they sought of more clues as Torin could be in trouble. Malehkos and Dorian were able to find the Song of whispers in a secret compartment while searching Aedric Longfoot’s office and returned with haste to the party. Dorian sand “careless whisper” with impeccable skill and the entrance revealed itself. Dorian decided to stay behind as the party and their new paladin companion entered into the unknown…



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