Kingdom of the Sun

The College of Bardem

Our heroes awake in Henhill and disturbed the potentially looming danger, head north on foot to Redcliff.

Along the way the fight an enraged giant snake, but slaying it with ease.

At Redcliff the party meets the light-spoken Pippen who heads the town guard. After hearing of the fall of Henhill, he takes them to the mayor who then tasks them with seeking out and destroying the gnoll encampment. She offers a healing word spell scroll and 500 gold if they can clear the encampment.

Later that night our heroes are drinking away at Goldberry’s brewhouse and are tasked by the bartender to investigate wolves or some animal breaking into his cellars.

The party agrees in exchange for free drinks. Malekos sneaks onto the roof of the cellars to discover an elderly man drinking straight from the wine barrel.

After a brief tense moment of catching Merrigos by surprise, the party realizes he is an ancient copper dragon with a penchant for drinking and who happens to be the dean of the college of valor at Bardem. Serra walks up to greet them all and apologizes for abandoning them at Evanholm, she didnt feel safe once word the of the rebellion broke out and wanted to leave the city as soon as possible so she can return to her father in Karas. She delivers Mallory, a baby copper dragon reluctantly to Merrigos as she trusts him and knows that he is lonely in his old age.

The party calls it a night and stays at the inn.

After realizing that they slept-in the party rushes out the door and quickly buys Torin an instrument before rushing off to Rand at the stables for some horses. On the hilly path to the college they were intercepted by a trogg attack from underneath the ground!

After a quick battle where Torin finished the fight in a spectacular fashion tearing gnolls in half with his arms of hadar the party makes it to the college just in time to be sorted.

After meeting with the ancient animal god Arelia, each member is sorted:

Althea in House Valor

Cloud in House Glamour.

Malekos in House Heraldry

And Torin in House Whispers.



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